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These units are well suited for small conveyors and material handling applications. The motor is mounted to the speed reducer via a mounting flange, eliminating the couplings or v-belts. Many of the manufacturers utilize special motors that have a gear on the shaft to provide a higher reduction. This helps the manufacturer but sometimes can make motor replacement difficult.

In selecting a gearhead, output rpm is the most important selection criteria. Secondly, torque requirement or workload is also necessary. Finally, voltage and assembly are two factors to consider when choosing a unit.

We will be happy to engineer a new drive solution or select a replacement for you. Please take a look at our available gearheads. If you don't see it, please call.

Gearheads below 1/2 horsepower

Gearheads 1/2 to 1 horsepower

Gearheads 1 horsepower and above

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