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Speed Reducer Ordering Information

With over 55 years experience, our staff can assist you in drive selection or design a complete drive package for you. We can match the information of an existing unit or take your project ideas and turn them into an operating system.

The following are the criteria that will aid in drive selection:

  • Torque or horsepower
  • Input RPM
  • Driver type (ie A/C Motor, DC Motor)
  • Operating hours
  • Desired output RPM


If you are replacing an existing drive:

  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Ratio
  • Serial Number
  • Shaft Assembly
  • Motor horsepower & RPM

These are good starting points and usually enough to complete your drive selection. Of course, many applications require much more than this, and we are always happy to work through any drive design or problems with you.

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